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Cold Room

Cold Room

Cold Room

 Cold Room or Cold Storage Room; can be defined generally as insulated structures for the product, that will be stored, to be able to protect its feature for a longer period of time.

Cold Storage rooms; are the structures formed by using Sandwich Panel, Cold Room Door, Cooling Group and Control Unit. The main products that constitute the Cold Room vary depending on the feature of the product to be stored in the room.

Main Materials of Cold Room;

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels are produced in thicknesses of 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 and 200 mm depending on the desired storage temperature;

As standard, panels with a width of 1110 mm are produced with 13 m length maximum.

As surface plate; Polyester, PVC, 304 Quality Stainless or PVDF are used.

Panels are filled with 42 kg/m³ density of Polyurethane (PUR).

Panels are produced with locked system having the feature of pulling and locking.

Cold Room Doors

There are two types as Hinged Cold Room Door and Sliding Cold Room Door.

There are three different frame types: Panel Mount, Plastic and Aluminum.

As surface plate; Polyester, PVC, 304 Quality Stainless or PVDF are used.

It is produced in 40/42 kg / m³ density and filled with Polyurethane (PUR).

Resistance heater is used in negative rooms.

Cooling Groups

These are produced as Split Type Cooling Groups and Industrial Type Cooling Groups.

There is a wide product range in the range of 1 kW-80 kW cooling capacity.

Scroll, Hermetic and Semi-Hermetic compressors are used.

These are produced as Air-Cooled Condenser. There are standard type and tropical type options depending on external weather conditions.

Highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly products are designed.

Chilling Groups provide temperature values between +16°C and -40°C.

In accordance with the capacity; R404A, R448, R449A, R507, R407C, R134A and R410A refrigerants are used.

These are produced in accordance with HACCP standards and as ISO 9001 and CE certified.

Control Unit

Microprocessor controlled control unit designed for Chilling Group are used.

It provides ease of use with the user-friendly menu.

Cooling system can be turned on and off with one single push-button.

With LED indicator panel; Temperature and system equipment in on/off state can be tracked instantaneously.

With the control unit; Temperature control, Evaporator Fan control, Defrost control, Lighting control, Alarm control and etc. controls can be made.

NTC or PTC type control sensors are used.

It is automatic and manual defrost controlled and it has microprocessor having 29 different parameters.

It has IP65 protection class.


Being Sagi Mühendislik (Sagi Engineering), we offer our customers long-term solutions with our optimal cold room designs.

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  1. Nick Thomas dedi ki:

    we are interested in buying a Cold Storage facility for Sri Lanka. This would be to store perishable food and supermarket stock. Size not yet calculated but could be say 2000 – 3000 m2 floor area.

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