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Cold Room Remote Monitoring System

Cold Room Remote Monitoring System

Cold Room Remote Monitoring System


Cold Room Remote Monitoring System: All devices stored in cold storage are under temperature control.

Thanks to the cold storage monitoring and tracking system that can be used in cold storages, information and alarm values from control devices are instantly delivered to you.Losses caused by cold weather can be prevented in the future.

System Features

It detects alarm conditions under effective alarm management system and sends necessary warnings to ensure optimum operation.


You can access to your cold room through the Internet, check all its parameters.


It checks the cold room temperature values instantaneously and retrospectively.


Your temperature values are recorded retrospectively for 1 year according to HACCP standards. Continuous data recording, HACCP reports and timely alarm notifications, ensure that fresh and frozen foods to comply with warranty terms and UNI EN 12830 regulation.It is for a warning message by e-mail to the addresses registered in the system for malfunction.


In addition, fax and SMS is optionally available.


The cold room remote monitoring system has the maximum connectivity in your cold rooms with hardware with USB, Ethernet, RS485 and modem connection ports.

It is also available in food manufacturing facilities such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, fast food chains, catering facilities.


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