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Veysel Karani Mah. Çolakoğlu Sk. Rings Rezidans No:10 Kat:1 Daire:16 Sancaktepe/İst.
+90 535 700 08 00

Industrial Type Cooling Groups

Industrial Type Cooling Groups

Industrial Type Cooling Groups


Industrial Type Cooling Groups; our devices are produced as fully closed type or open type according to the project to withstand the most difficult external conditions.


Environmentally friendly R-404A (CFC Free) refrigerant is used in all our devices.


First class European materials and high quality Compressors made in Europe are used in all our devices.

The compressor used must be one of Dorin, Frascold, Bitzer, Bock, Tecumseh, Embraco or Cubige. Hermetic, semi-hermetic or scroll compressors are used in cooling groups depending on capacity requirement


Condensers used are specially designed and manufactured. Considering the regional conditions where the cold room will be installed, + 45 ° C condensation has been chosen.


The sound levels of the external units of our devices comply with European Norms and silent operation is ensured thanks to the low speed high quality fans.


Thanks to the automatic fan control feature of our devices, the condenser fans start and stop automatically.


Our devices are equipped with low and high pressure control and protection systems in order to ensure the highest level of security and long life of the equipment used.


Device control unit; It has high precision and high quality to adjust the room temperature to the desired value.


Device control unit; It is fully digital and manual defrost controlled and has a microprocessor with 29 different parameters.


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