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Veysel Karani Mah. Çolakoğlu Sk. Rings Rezidans No:10 Kat:1 Daire:16 Sancaktepe/İst.
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Sliding Doors for Cold Rooms

Sliding Doors for Cold Rooms

Sliding Doors for Cold Rooms


All our doors have a high quality, useful and aesthetic structure


Doorframes: Frames of sliding doors are produced in two different types as Plastic and Aluminum. In both options, there are special plastic additions to prevent heat bridging, and aluminum material is used for the inner moldings.

Sliding doors are produced in both panel and wall mountable features.


Wing: It is produced by injecting 42kg / m³ (+ – 2%) density polyurethane between two sheets on the door wing.


Surface Sheet: In standard productions, both sides of the wing are polyester sheet.Optionally, it can be made of PVC and CRNI and some standard colors can be produced for PVC surfaces.


Thermal Bridge: In normal storage rooms, the single row  special rubber gasket surrounds the door wing. There is a heater (resistance) in the frames of the doors in the frezeer rooms that can be changed very easily when necessary.


Suspension System: Carrier rail, wheels, handles and necessary accessories are made of composite material and stainless steel in accordance with international standards.


Security: The doors can be easily opened from the inside for security purposes, and preferably an alarm-warning system can be added.


Lock: All our doors are lockable from the outside. It has a luminous anti-panic handle that can be opened from the inside even if the door is locked


Dimensions: Sliding doors are produced as standard with 2000 x 2500 mm clear width. Special production can be made in smaller sizes upon request.




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