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Cold storage
Cold storage Cold storage; It provides the isolation of the products to be stored in the warehouses from the external environment conditions and providing the spaces to be kept at the desired temperature and humidity values ​​during the shelf life. Cold Storage; It differs according to the type of product...
Cold Room Rack Systems
Cold Room Rack Systems Industrial Rack Systems   Cold Room Shelf Systems: A shelf system is necessary for the healthy preservation of products in cold rooms. Thanks to the shelf system, your cold room becomes more useful. In addition, thanks to the porous structure of the shelf system, the cold...
Ultrasonic Humidification Systems
Ultrasonic Humidification Systems   Humidifying in Cold Storage: As known, moisture is taken from the air as part of the cooling process; water loss occurs in the product in cold stores through Ultrasonic Humidification Systems. When the humidity is too low, the air dehumidifies the product and causes dehydration, which...
PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains   PVC Strip Curtain minimizes air flow and reduces thermal load when the Cold Room door is opened. Thus, heat loss is minimized. It is made of hygienic materials necessary for cold rooms. It reduces the dust and keeps the environment healthy. It prevents noise and noise...
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