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Shock Freezer Devices

Shock Freezer Devices

Shock Freezer Devices


Freezing Temperature:  -35°C / -45°C

The freezing process is to remove the heat of the product and to transform it into the solid phase completely.


The duration of the freezing process varies depending on the physical structure of the product and the amount of product.


During the freezing process, the product is exposed to a temperature of -35 ° C. Products must be stored in frozen storage rooms after processing.


Features of Freezer Storage

Walls, ceiling and floors of the room are made of polyurethane filled sandwich panels.


In large square meter storages, it is made by pouring concrete reinforced with iron on XPS floor insulation.


The panels are filled with Polyurethane of 42kg/m³ (+- 2%) density between the two sheets and their exterior surfaces are hygienic.


Both surfaces of the wall and ceiling panels are made from hot dip galvanized sheet and painted with polyester-based paint with a thickness of 0.50 mm in color code RAL9002,


It is produced from hot dip galvanized sheet.


Plywood coated floor panel with a durable and non-slip surface is used on the floor of the room.


Special accessories made of the same material as the panel surfaces are used in the inner and outer corner joints of the panels.

The panels are doweled and interlocking. They can be disassembled when necessary.


Lighting installation and special fixture resistant to cold are used as standard for the lighting of the room.


Features of the Doors for Freezer Storages

The doors have  high quality, useful and aesthetic structures.

Hinged doors are produced as standard with 90 x 190 cm clear width.

Sliding doors are produced as standard with 200 x 250 cm clear width.

All our doors are lockable from the outside. Hinges are of the rising type.

Even if the door is locked, it has a luminous anti-panic handle that can be opened from the inside.

The surface sheet of our doors is polyester painted over standard galvanized coating.

42kg/m³ (+ – 2%) density polyurethane is injected between two sheets on the door wing.

Aluminum profiles and silicone-based curved rubbers are used on the door edges


Features of Cooling Groups

Our chillers are CE certified. Our devices are produced as fully closed type or open type according to the project to withstand the most difficult outdoor conditions. Environmentally friendly R-404A (CFC Free) refrigerant is used in all our devices. First class European materials and high quality Compressors made in Europe are used in all our devices. Condensers used are specially designed and manufactured. Considering the regional conditions where the cold room will be installed, + 45° C condensation has been chosen. The sound levels of the outdoor units of our devices comply with European Norms and silent operation is ensured thanks to the low-speed high-quality fans used. Thanks to the automatic fan control feature of our devices, the condenser fans start and stop automatically. Our devices are equipped with low and high pressure control and protection systems in order to ensure the highest level of security and long life of the equipment used. High precision and high quality digital control system to adjust the room temperature to the desired value. Our devices are fully automatic digital and manual defrost controlled and have a microprocessor with 29 different parameters.


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